What is Egg Zeppelin?

Egg Zeppelin is a live musical-talk-show-sitcom, featuring two eccentric small-town guys who run a grungy but cozy greasy spoon that doubles as an impromptu open-mike and showcase for real-life musical and comedy guest stars who drop in every day.

Best friends and affable raconteurs CHAS “Man” FRANCOEUR and SEBASTIAN “Dude” BARR are the owner-operators of Egg Zeppelin, and their house rule is simple: “IF YOU PLAY, YOU DON’T PAY”. They’ve turned their fire hazard into a fire hazard with live music, as word spreads like… well… wildfire among musicians on the road between gigs. Coffee drips, lyrics flow and bacon sizzles in this hybrid sitcom-in-a-talk-show that pairs an episodic story arc with a weekly MTV Unplugged-style musical performance.

And did we mention they cook and serve bacon during the show? They do. For real.


Since 2010, Toronto has been the home of the live stage version of Egg Zeppelin, which has already showcased a slew of talented musical guests – from established, high profile artists like Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies) and Bob Wiseman (Blue Rodeo) to popular Canadian and Toronto-based indie acts like Drew Smith (Dr Ew, The Bicycles), Andrew Penner (Sunparlour Players), Maylee Todd and many more. As featured acts at the 2011 Montreal Mprov Festival and Toronto’s 2013 NXNE Music Festival, we’ve reached a diverse cross-sectional audience of music and comedy fans. To support our musical guests in the impromptu interview portion, we sometimes pair them up with “one of the locals”, played by award-winning comedians like Lisa Merchant (Monkey Toast), Kayla Lorette (That’s So Weird), Alastair Forbes (Second City), Peter Wildman (The Frantics) and Aurora Browne (Baroness Von Sketch) to name a few.

From our 2013 NXNE performance. Photo courtesy of NXNE.
From our 2013 NXNE performance. Photo courtesy of NXNE.